Did you know that it is possible to keep your trees healthy by pruning them regularly? You may not have done this for several years. It’s one of those activities that can be time-consuming, which is why many people will contact a tree trimming business. You may also want to find her arborist that will not only trim the trees for you but look for specific diseases that could be affecting them. As long as you can do this quickly, you should be able to trim all of your trees long before spring arrives. Here are the reasons that you should not wait until spring to trim your trees.

Why You Should Do This During The Winter

It is so important to do this during the winter, preferably in the month of January. If it is going to be exceptionally cold, and if it is snowing, you definitely want to wait until February. Once you get into March, you are getting close to the time where things will begin to warm up. You don’t want to trim them while they are beginning to blossom and grow. This could compromise the health of the tree, and also allow bugs to get in before the tree has time to heal from the pruning.

Why You Should Use An Arborist To Do This

Using an arborist is something that you need to consider, even if it is a little difficult to do. These businesses are able to come out, assess the situation, and then bring back the proper equipment to complete the job. If they do notice that there are any problems while they are pruning, they can send the arborist back. They can then treat the tree by providing the proper herbicides, pesticides, and also provide the trees with fertilizer directly into the ground.

What Is The Most Important Reason To Do This During The Winter?

The main reason that you need to do this during the winter season is that it is cold. This is the time when trees, especially evergreens, are going to be dormant. While they are dormant, they are not going to bleed as much, and they will also heal without having to worry about fungi, disease, or insects getting into their system. It’s just the safest time to do it, and if you are able to do these months before spring arrives, this is the best time to get this done. You can hire a professional tree trimming expert arborist.

This overview of why you should not allow winter to pass before you prune your trees should give you a few ideas on the wind to get this done. Keep in mind if it is snowing, this would not be an appropriate time for you to prune your trees. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, contact a local tree trimming company, or a local arborist, that can do it for you using professional tools. They will be able to do everything in a matter of hours using the equipment they will bring in the experts that are fully trained to not only prune the trees but identified diseases that need to be attended to.