Have you ever thought about where the polystyrene foam products go after throwing them away? Did you know that many cities prohibit their use in the food service industry? In fact, the comfortable cups and Styrofoam containers are stored in landfills. Polystyrene foam containers are composted only after 100 years. They are comfortable, but they are not good for our environment.

Recycling Styrofoam products are extremely expensive and many recycling plants do not accept this. Styrofoam cannot be recycled to make new polystyrene foam products. It can only be used to make other products as packing stuff.

Now, nature-friendly products are becoming available in the food service industry. The main material used today for disposable tableware is bagasse. After the juices are extracted, the bagasse is the fibers derived from the sugarcane. Rapidly growing sugarcane is a renewable resource. Bagasse products are biodegradable. This means that crockery products are composted or disintegrated in a relatively short time and are good for the planet. Biodegradable tableware products include dishes, food storage containers, soup and salad bowls, trays, hot and cold glasses and food containers.

We need a change. How? The next time you receive a Styrofoam cup from your favorite restaurant, ask them if it is a biodegradable product. If not, then why not ask? Going Green is everyone’s responsibility. Perhaps, if enough customers take the initiative to question their use of Styrofoam, the restaurant will at least be able to offer its customers a respectful alternative to the environment. Sometimes you have to help make the change.

Styrofoam is an important part of modern economics. It is a very versatile product used for cups, plates and even some furniture for the home. Another very popular use is that of packaging material. Custom styrofoam cups come loose or as “peanuts”. As a consumer, we use this product every day. However, it has many other uses besides those for home decoration or shipping or even getting custom styrofoam cups.


Architects often use polystyrene foam in concrete forms because it has air pockets that make it an excellent insulator. For ceilings and slabs, it acts as a lightweight and durable panel that prevents the elements from entering the interior. Whether it’s cold or hot, polystyrene foam is a great source of insulation. Even as a noise isolator, this product is second to none. Builders often use polystyrene foam when creating home theater ranges or recording studios.

People do not usually think about polystyrene foam because it sees many benefits in the construction industry. However, it is more common in buildings and architecture than in kitchens and living rooms. Suspended ceilings, for example, are often made of Styrofoam because they can insulate a room from the elements and sound.

Over the years, custom styrofoam cups has established itself in more and more industries as people become more familiar with its versatility and comfort. Architects, builders, home builders and even owners use it for a variety of products and for many reasons. The shipping industry also uses them well to protect fragile items or prevent packaged items from moving inside the box. If you want to buy polystyrene foam for your home or business, you can browse through their available products.